Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's almost Halloween!

I took a couple more pictures of the boys in the leaves the other day - Logan just wouldn't give up the baby doll :)

We ended up just playing in the park...

Who's who?

We went to Connor's last swim class of this session this morning and then to Longmont's annual Halloween Costume Parade. Families line up at Roosevelt Park and then walk down Main Street for a few blocks and then trick-or-treat at the stores on the walk back. It was a bit chilly out today but that didn't stop us - we just added a few more layers!

The boys both had fun! If there had been a costume contest, Connor surely would have won - nearly everyone we passed said something like "Wow! That's a cool costume!" or "Did you make that?? That's so creative!" Go me :) They were really impressed when he turned on the light and it worked! The costume was actually inspired by that light - we bought it months ago on clearance at Kohl's and the boys have played with it ever since.

Here's a shot of the boys before the parade. In case you're wondering, Connor's saying "woo-woo-woo" - you know, the sound a fire engine makes!

The back of the fire truck

While trick-or-treating after the parade, Connor evaluated each piece of candy that was put into his bucket while walking between stores. After one store he saw that an Almond Joy had been his treat from the last one and was not at all happy about it and wanted to get rid of it right away. He got out of line and ran to give it to Jeremy because apparently Daddy likes Almond Joys more than Connor. I'm not even sure he's had an Almond Joy before...

Connor hitched a ride with Logan on the way back to the car. What makes this picture funny is that a lightbulb has gone off in Logan's head - something like "Connor loves to pose for the camera so while he's distracted I can steal his candy! Yes! I did it!"

The day didn't end there! We came home for lunch and a nap and then were off to Kangaroo Kingdom for a birthday party for a 3 year old girl. It was Logan's first time there but Connor has many memories of the place since we took a sign language class and also did two sessions of play classes there. He remembered all the songs and parts of the play class routine like it was yesterday even though it's been two years or so since we took a class there. The boys played hard and enjoyed some yummy cake.

We had this conversation on the way home...

Connor: When we get home, I'm going to eat TWO pieces of candy.

Me: I don't think so, Connor. You've had a lot of sugar today.

Connor: No I haven't.

Me: You had candy after the parade and you just ate a big piece of birthday cake!

Connor: Mommy. Cake does not have sugar in it. Only candles do.

Good to know :) He then opened up the goody bad he'd gotten from the birthday party.

Connor (completely exasperated): Oh no! Not again!

Me: What's the matter?

I looked in the back seat and laughed out loud - he was holding an Almond Joy. Apparently he really doesn't like Almond Joys! :)

Since we just can't get enough of Halloween, after dinner Connor and I went to the nearby high school for "Trick-or-Treat Street." Connor had a ball in the cake walk (he won a cupcake!), bean bag toss, mummy making contest (hold on to the end of the toilet paper roll and spin really fast until it's all unraveled - he won!), and getting his face painted with flames on both cheeks. We trick-or-treated around the dark hallway with each group of high schoolers commenting on how cool his costume is. :)

What a great day! I can't wait for Wednesday and real trick-or-treating around our neighborhod! :)

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