Thursday, October 04, 2007

Smaller Food

Connor is really excited about Halloween and asks every day if today is the big day. For several months now he has been set on dressing up as a fire fighter and having Logan be his dalmatian dog but in the last couple of days he's been thinking about other things he could be. Like today on the way to farm school...

Connor: Can I be a witch for Halloween, Mommy?

Me: Well, I think girls are witches and boys are called warlocks.

Connor: I don't want to be a warlock. Girls are purple witches and boys are blue witches. Ok I be a blue witch?

Me: Hmmm...I'm not sure. How about a pirate?

Connor: Oh! I never thought I could be a pirate! Can Logan be my parrot-bird on my hat?

Me: I think Logan is a little too big to sit on your hat but he could dress up like a bird.

Connor: No, he has to sit on my hat. Let's make him smaller.

Me: We can't make your little brother smaller.

Connor: Why not?

Me: Um, well, he's growing up and getting bigger. Soon he'll be a big boy just like you.

Connor: I can make him smaller.

Me: Oh, you can? How?

Connor: I will feed him smaller food and then he will grow small and sit on my pirate hat and be a parrot-bird.

Makes sense to me :)

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