Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow, a whole week has passed?

Life is going by so quickly these days! Here are some pictures from the last week...

When the boys "play" together, this is how it usually goes: Logan is playing with the phone (his favorite toy), he sits ON Connor which tells Connor it's time to wrestle and then a full-fledged wrestling match ensues with both of them giggling most of the time. Through all this, Logan never lets go of the phone :)

Connor insisted that he and Logan just had to wear their pumpkin shirts last Thursday. He is sooo excited for Halloween!

We went to a friend's house for a Halloween party on Saturday morning. I just barely finished the boys' costumes in time (there was still some glue drying on the way!) so I haven't gotten a good picture of them both but this should give you an idea what they look like. Connor is a fireman and has a cardboard box firetruck to wear over his costume complete with flashing red light (the part that was still drying), a fire extinguisher, plastic axe and a bandana with flames all over it so he has a fire to put out. The fire truck was such a hit at the party that each boy had to have a turn "driving" it around and eventually the light fell victim to their roughness - apparently there just wasn't enough glue. I promise to take pictures when it's all back together again! Logan is a dalmatian to fit the fire fighter theme. :)

In the graveyard

Connor with a plastic snake

After the boys napped we went to a pumpkin patch - the Pumpkins N More Farm. It was a bit windy and the sunlight was fading fast but we still had lots of fun!

Logan in the hay

Connor is the scarecrow and Logan is the pumpkin

A family shot - we don't do too many of those so enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Huge pumpkins

Logan didn't want to leave his behind

This morning it snowed for the first time this season! Yay! It didn't stick around, of course, and is supposed to be back in the upper 60s or 70s later this week (as per usual in Colorado) but Connor was very excited about it. He wanted to go sledding and was very disappointed when we told him there wasn't enough snow for that.

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