Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just sharing some photos!

Connor has been fighting a cold the last few days but we just had to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather today - such a nice change from the freezing temperatures and snow! Since his Jeep had been parked for a few days, he thought it might need a tune-up before he drove it...

Here's one of Logan showing off one of his new skills - pulling up to be on his knees. The bouncy seat is much more exciting from this angle! He can also go from this to a sitting position and then from sitting to crawling now too! So many new skills, so very little rest for Mommy and Daddy :) haha

And a random shot of Bailey!

I tried to go a class on positive discipline at Kangaroo Kingdom tonight but the teacher never showed up! ARGH! So, instead, 10 moms and 1 dad sat around talking about potty training for 45 minutes. Fun stuff :) Hopefully they'll reschedule it soon...though after meeting the other ten parents and hearing the horror stories about their children, I'm thinking we're doing a pretty good job at discipline! :)

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