Thursday, February 15, 2007

Funny phrases...

I've shared a few of Connor's funny phrases and conversations before but I'm thinking it should become a regular thing. Here's today's:

"Mommy, here's the deal..."

I know it's hard to imagine why this is so funny to me, but can you just picture it? A 3 year old perched on the edge of Mommy and Daddy's bed with a yellow legal pad in one hand and a pen in the other. He says, "Mommy, here's the deal..." while he draws a circle (well, more of an oval) on the pad and looks up at me. "First, we need to go downstairs and go into the living room and...wait. Ok, Mommy, here's the deal..." He turns the page and draws another circle. "First, we wake up Logan, get him out of his crib, go downstairs and...wait, Mom. Here's the deal." Another circle is drawn. "Ok, Mommy, last deal." I try not to laugh. "First, I go to the potty, then we wake up Logan and then we go downstairs, k? Is that a good deal?"

I'm not quite sure where he got this phrase from, or why he has to draw a new circle for every new deal, but it's hilarious so I had to share!

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