Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bon Voyage, Friends!

Our good friends Shannon and Jason and their daughters Rhyann and Savannah are moving to Oregon. Shannon grew up there and Jason has been there for the last several months getting a job and trying to get settled. He flew back to Colorado and they're driving all their stuff to Oregon starting tomorrow morning. We went to a going away party for them last night and it was hard to say goodbye...

Shannon and I worked together about 8 years ago at the same company I still work for. She only worked there a year or so I think but we remained friends after she left. Jeremy and I went to her and Jason's wedding in Mexico in 2002. We were pregnant with our first babies together. Rhyann was born in the same exact hospital room and was delivered by same midwife as Connor just 4 weeks before Connor was born. Rhyann and Connor have played together from the very beginning and are very much alike. They've done so much together in their lives - playdates, birthday parties, swim class, holidays (especially Halloween for some reason!), even went to preschool together last year.

There will definitely be emails and phone calls back and forth and hopefully even visits but things will never quite be the same, of course. They had fun playing together at Thompson Park last night, though...

I love this picture of Rhyann running! I took it as I was running too and didn't even look to make sure she was in the shot - it was a happy accident picture :)

Connor and Rhyann

Connor, Tara and Rhyann playing in the mud

Shannon, Jason and baby Savannah

Getting ready to go down the slide

Connor, Rhyann, Logan and Brettly

Maddie, Connor, Rhyann

Rhyann, Maddie, Connor, Tara

One last kiss and hug

We'll miss you, Butler family!!!!

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