Thursday, July 17, 2008

I said LA LA!

Last Saturday we went to Rhythm on the River, a festival here in Longmont where they have lots of hands on art activities, music, and lots of fun (and free!) stuff for the kids to do. We got there early and enjoyed a pancake breakfast followed by hours of fun in the sun. Here are some of the fun things Connor chose to do!

He drove a 4 wheeler through an obstacle course

Climbed a rock wall (as you might expect of Connor, his favorite part was rappelling down)

Kayaking in a big pool - he was actually pretty good at it!

Crawling all over city trucks like trash trucks, street sweepers, bulldozers and snow plows

Logan also got in on the fun - he especially liked the trucks!

Here are two short videos of Connor from Rhythm on the River!

The first one is from the bike course. To most people this video would seem fairly boring but remember, he just learned to ride without training wheels two months ago!

This one is from a bungee jumping sort of thing (I'm not sure what you call it!). If you listen closely just after the guy bounces him for the second time, you can hear him saying "Hello everybody!" twice :) It was really cute!

Here are a few pictures from earlier today, just beore t-ball practice.

Such a cool guy

Logan really wants to learn how to ride Connor's scooter

The boys' hugs these days are funny to watch - they squeeze each other as hard as they can and Connor usually lifts Logan off the ground. Logan loves it!

Oh, and you're probably wondering about the title of this post - I said LA LA! Well, Logan's speech is gradually improving and he's trying new sounds all the time. He's been calling water "la la" for a while now and each time we try to model it correctly, "Oh, you want WA-TER? Ok, let's get some WA-TER." We really emphasize the WA and try to get him to look at our lips to see how we're forming the sounds. Tonight I was looking at him and saying "WA-TER" and he just kept repeating, "Yeah, la la." After the third time he copied my emphasis exactly - I said "WA (pause) TER." He said "LA (pause) LA" and looked at me like I was crazy :)

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  1. I am glad Logan's speech is improving. I didn't even enroll Adam in the summer program because he's doing so well on his own. His articulation isn't the greatest, but he's understandable now and he's at least talking instead of pointing.