Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Logan's birthday!

Logan is 2 today! TWO! Can you believe it? I can't! :)

He woke up this morning to streamers hanging in his doorway which were super fun to run back and forth through with Connor! Jeremy and I went to the boys' summer camp class this morning to celebrate Logan's birthday with his friends but Logan was not that into it. He liked that we sang to him but didn't touch his cupcake and just wanted to snuggle with Daddy. I guess it's his party and he can snuggle if he wants to :) After a nap and a bike ride to the park with Daddy and Connor he was in a better mood. He was excited to see his huge balloon bouquet with a giant mylar number 2 at the top. He just kept pointing and saying "TWO! TWO!" over and over! We went to Red Robin for dinner and he was beaming while the waitstaff sang to him. :)

I was reading through what I posted for his first birthday - it was fun to see what has changed and what has remained the same in the last year! He's walking and running and dancing and jumping now. He is still as cuddly as can be. Every time he wakes up in the morning or from a nap he gathers up everything in his crib (blanket and stuffed animals) and has to be taken in to our bed to snuggle for at least a few minutes. If we try to rush things along on a busy morning and don't have that snuggle time he gets really upset! He is very attached to several stuffed animals - two ducks and a bear - mostly because of their super soft tags. Whenever he sees one of them he holds it in his left hand by the tag and sucks his right thumb. It's strange, he only sucks his thumb when he's holding one of them! One of the ducks in particular has a looped tag so he sucks his thumb and then pokes his right pinky finger through the tag. I don't think Logan's found a food he doesn't like but his favorites are berries, grapes, pancakes, cereal bars, hamburgers, spaghetti and gerber ravioli. He still idolizes Connor, of course, and copies everything Connor does. He carries both his and Connor's lunch boxes into their summer camp school and tries to carry Connor's t-ball bag for him whenever he can. If he gets hurt he looks to Connor for comfort first before us! Logan loves babies and is really caring toward them. Since getting his ear tubes he loves to dance. His speech is improving every day! He combines two words together now and I'm sure made my Dad really happy when he said "Hi Bapa!" on the phone tonight! Another new favorite since the tubes is airplanes - he apparently couldn't hear them before but now searches the sky for them anytime he can hear one! He likes to color and look at books. His favorite story right now is the Giving Tree. Sesame Street is his favorite tv show, with the Wiggles a close second, though he'll watch anything Connor watches just so he can sit or lay next to him! He prefers to be barefoot and doesn't really like to get dirty. He loves to be in the car and have the window down while we're driving. He still sleeps in his crib though those days seem to be numbered since he has climbed IN to the crib twice now and seems to be aware of how to climb out as well (we've caught him with a leg up on the side in the morning - he giggles and puts it down right away!).

The boys at the Bay waterpark in Broomfield last weekend

Eating cake and opening cards and gifts tonight

I'm not quite sure why but Logan wanted to keep his fork in his shirt pocket in between bites!

Terrific 2 year old Logan

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