Thursday, July 24, 2008

Logan's 2 year appointment

Logan had his 2 year checkup this morning. He weighs 29 lbs 4 oz (70th percentile) and is a whopping 37 1/4" tall (97th percentile)!! We knew he was on the tall side since he's taller than most two year olds and even some three year olds that we know but seeing the 97th percentile made it more real! She was happy that we'd gone ahead and had tubes put in and glad to hear that his speech is improving. He was actually happy to be poked and prodded and did everything she asked of him. He had to have one shot and his only reaction was a meek "ow, ow, ow" and then he sat up and was ready to go as if nothing had happened. I haven't looked up Connor's 2 year appointment stats but I have easy access here to his 3 year appointment info and at 3 he weighed less than Logan does at 2 and was only a bit more than an inch taller! Wow! Logan is so going to beat up his "big" brother soon :)

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