Thursday, October 16, 2008


Look! Two posts in one day! :)

As you know, I just had a birthday. It wasn't a big milestone birthday but I'm definitely feeling the effects of getting older. For example, I just scheduled an eye exam because things are getting a little fuzzier than they used to be. And then there's my apparent hearing problem as evidenced by this misunderstanding last week....

As a little background, Jeremy works with a woman named Faelynn which is pronounced Fay-lynn. Faelynn has two children, a boy and a girl, and the boy is really into hockey. He plays a lot and I'm not sure what levels there are in hockey but he's really good and has been to training camps in Canada and such. We've talked about this several times in the past.

Jeremy: Did you hear that Faelynn got to drop the puck at the hockey game the other night?

Me: No, which game?

Jeremy: I think the Philadelphia Flyers.

Me: Really? Why did she get picked to do it?

Jeremy: I guess because she's a hockey mom.

Me: Wow, that's cool.

Jeremy: Yeah but the crowd boo'd her so loud that they had to turn up the music really loud so that the tv audience wouldn't hear it as much. I guess it was really loud.

Me: I wonder why they boo'd her.

At this point Connor interrupted us and the conversation ended...

So through this I'm thinking "That's cool - Faelynn got to drop the puck at a game between the Avs and the Flyers. I wonder how she got picked out of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of hockey moms in Colorado. And I wonder why she was boo'd. Just because of Sarah Palin and now everyone hates all hockey moms? Would people just assume that because Faelynn is a hockey mom that she would vote for Sarah Palin?"

But then I forgot about the whole thing.

Hours later, I was watching the news. The sports segment came on. Do you see where this is going? The sports guy read the story about how SARAH PALIN had dropped the puck at a Flyers game (nothing to do with the Avs...or poor Faelynn) and that the crowd had boo'd her so loudly that they turned up the music to drown it out for the tv audience.

It suddenly clicked. Jeremy had actually said "Did you hear that PALIN got to drop the puck at the hockey game the other night?" Not Faelynn!

I laughed so hard I cried. Jeremy couldn't figure out why I was so hysterical and it took me a good ten minutes to stop long enough to try to explain. :)


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