Thursday, October 16, 2008

My birthday

I had a great birthday last Saturday! It was rainy and cold all day but that's October in Colorado - the weather is unpredictable! Connor had a soccer game in the morning and because of the weather just he and I went. He scored a goal for me! :)

In the early afternoon Connor had a birthday party to attend for his friend Logan from the summer camp they attended over the summer. Logan was turning 4 and had a dinosaur themed party at the Erie Community Center. We'd never been there before but it's really cool - a nice indoor playground, big party rooms and a lazy river in the pool! Connor was sad that the party was not a swimming party but still had fun pretending to be dinosaurs, decorating picture frames, eating cake and "helping" to open presents.

Gone are the days of polaroids - this Dad brought along his laptop and picture printer to instantly print out digital pictures to put in those newly decorated dinosaur picture frames!

You might think it's confusing in our house to talk about Logan, Connor's brother, versus Logan, Connor's friend. However Logan, Connor's friend, goes by "Logie" which rhymes with hoagie or bogey or yogi get the picture! I called our Logan Logie today (for the first time ever - I don't know why - it just slipped out) and Connor quickly corrected me that Logie is his friend, NOT his brother. No problems here...Logie just doesn't sound right for our Logan :)

That night we went to dinner with my Dad and Sue and then came back home for cake. Guess what kind of cake the boys ordered for me? Perhaps some flowers and a nice "Happy Birthday Mommy"? That's too boring! I got not one, not two, but three tiny plastic Disney princesses on my cake. One of them (Cinderella) even lit up. Oh and it said Happy Birthday Mommy on it too. The cake decorator must have wondered what kind of mommy was getting a Disney princess cake :)

Anyway, it was a fun birthday! And in case you're wondering from an earlier post, I didn't get a nightlight but did get a pink wireless mouse! :)

I didn't take many pictures over the weekend but here's a fun shot of Connor after Logie's birthday party!

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