Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You have to crawl before you can drive

Logan is still working on crawling. Ready for another video? Yeah, some people use their blogs to share their commentary on the world but we use ours to shamelessly proclaim how adorable we think our children are. Deal with it! :) Double click the big Play button to play the video...

Grandma and Grandpa delivered Connor's Jeep to him this past weekend and he asks to play with it constantly! Since it's been so windy we've let him pretend to drive it in the garage a bit but he knows where the battery is and opens the compartment to show us how to plug it in. He seems to think the reason we don't plug it in is because we don't know how! Too funny. Anyway, we let him drive it in the driveway today and he learned pretty quickly how to go forwards and backwards and how to steer. Here's a video and a couple pictures... :)

Here's one of Logan "watching" his big brother drive. He's all bundled up but looks happy!

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