Monday, January 29, 2007

Not exactly twins :)

When people who know Connor first meet Logan, they generally react in one of two ways, either "Wow he looks JUST like Connor did as a baby! They could be twins!" or "Logan looks so much like Jeremy and Connor looks so much like you [Nikki]!" Here are some pictures of them in the same outfit at about the same age...what do you think?

The eye color is so different - Logan's eye color is much closer to ours than Connor's. Who did Connor get those eyes from? :) Logan's head is much larger - it's not just in the picture - some of Connor's 3-6 month clothes don't fit on Logan not just because he's bigger but because his head won't fit through the hole! :)

Here are some more...

I tried to get them at the same angle but it didn't really work out. :) Anyway, here are some more of Logan from today:

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  1. They do look a lot alike, but they also have some very distinct differences. But I think Connor looks more like Nikki and Logan looks more like Jeremy.