Friday, January 05, 2007

Ever heard of a "meme"?

I learned a new word today: meme. Do you know what it means? Well, as defined here, a meme is "an idea, project, statement or even a question that is posted by one blog and responded to by other blogs. Although the term encompasses much of the natural flow of communication in the Blogosphere, there are active bloggers and blog sites that are dedicated to the creation of memes on a regular basis." So I browsed some "meme" sites and it seems they're quite popular amongst bloggers. Memes (which, by the way, meme rhymes with dream), are supposed to be thought provoking questions for bloggers to post about so that their readers (hey! that's you!) can learn more about the blogger and, perhaps, about themselves. So here's my first response to a meme called "Friday's Feast" in which the questions are posed as parts of a meal. Enjoy!

Which celebrity (or celebrities) do you think will make headlines this year?

Well, I'm sure the usual suspects will be included - Britney, TomKat, Brangelina, Vaughniston (ugh, didn't I just say I thought these words should be banned from our language?). I'm sure there will be many political figures making headlines as well - Hillary, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, and all the others who are throwing their names into the 2008 presidential circus ring :)

They say that good things come in small packages. What is something little that you think is great?

Well the cheesy answer (during the soup course?) is "my two wonderful boys" but I'm going to go with the geeky answer and say my new usb flash drive. Who ever thought 1 GB of information could be stored on something so tiny it can fit on my keychain? Amazing...

Name a song that makes you want to dance.

I can't think of one specific song especially since Jeremy's watching some show where "Low Rider" is on in the background - haha. But I'm sure I'd choose something embarrassing from the 80s :)

Main Course
What is your favorite font?

I tend to stick with the boring ones like Times New Roman most of the time but if I'm feeling girly I choose something like Vivaldi.

If you were to write a do-it-yourself article, what would it be about? to reduce every number in your life (ssn, phone, birthday, etc) to your favorite number. :) Some of you don't know about my number fetish...maybe I'll post about it sometime!

Well, that was fun! Don't worry, I won't do this every day but Friday Feast might have to become a regular feature!


  1. Nikki!! Vaughnistin is over! That is so last week!

  2. LOL...that's how much I pay attention to this stuff! :)