Sunday, September 28, 2008

Get ready for picture overload!

We drove up to the mountains today to enjoy the fall colors. We went for two short hikes and had lots of fun! Logan especially liked chasing Connor down the trail :)

One of our walks was around Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Every time Logan saw a rock larger than himself he would hug it and say "Happy....Heavy..." It looked like he was trying to pick them up :)

Connor doesn't really care where he is, he just loves posing for pictures!

We were a little tripod-happy today so amazingly there are lots of pictures of all 4 of us together! Perhaps one will be worthy of a Christmas card :)

This looks so peaceful

I love this one!

And just in case you thought the whole day was sunshine and aspen leaves, here's a shot of the one big meltdown Logan had today! We still have no idea why he was throwing a fit - he was crying, jumping up and down and screaming for no apparent reason other than to remind us that he is two years old! :) Luckily it was over quickly...


  1. WOW!!!! There are pictures on this post that have YOU in them!!! You are beautiful Mama. :) What am I going to have to do to get all four of you in front of my camera?? Show-up at your house? Cause I know where you live. :)

    Thanks for the kind words. :)

  2. Beautiful photos at Rocky Mountain National park! We are new to Colorado, (we have been here a year) but love the great views of the mountains, and your photos captured the beauty of the park so well! I hope I will run into you sometime here, fellow Longmont mommy!

  3. You guys are gorgeous. Yippee, there are some pictures of you Nikki! I miss you guys very much.