Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesus and Bob the Builder

When I picked Connor up from school on Monday I asked him how his day was. I got the usual answer of "good" so I probed a bit further...

Me: What did you learn today?
Connor: I learned that Jesus was a carpet guy.
Me: A carpet guy?
Connor: Yeah, he put carpets all over the world. And rugs too, I guess.
Me: Ohhhh...you mean he was a carpenter?
Connor: Yeah, that's what I said, Mom. He probably vacuumed a lot too.
Me: Oh, no, actually a carpenter is someone who builds or fixes things. They use tools like hammers and saws.
Connor: Like Bob the Builder?
Me: Right. Like Bob the Builder.

Did I just compare Jesus to Bob the Builder? Hmm...

Connor and one of his classmates, Caleb, at a recent birthday party

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