Thursday, September 18, 2008

The most exciting word in Logan's vocabulary

I keep forgetting to post this! Logan really missed Connor for the two days they were apart last week. He missed him so much that shortly after Connor got home Logan learned how to say his name! In the past Logan has really only said words that we've specifically concentrated on but recently he's been coming up with words all on his own. It's so fun to hear him yell for Connor when they're not in the same room or say "Bye Connor" or repeat Connor's name over and over again to get his attention. It's probably a small thing to most people but it's super exciting for us - even more than Mama and Dada I think!

Also now that Logan's speech is improving they're starting to have conversations just between the two of them in the back seat while we're driving. So cute!


  1. Nikki! How funny that you found me on here, and I'm totally not freaked out at all. I had such a blast with you guys and felt so bad I never made it back to the peds floor. We are referral based, so I saw you guys on a slow day when I went to the floor and practically BEGGED for them to let me see some kids. The rest of the week we had so many referrals to go see the other floors ... which to tell you the truth, always bums me out a little bit because the peds floor is my favorite! Obviously!

    I'm so glad he is home safe and well! So I see you guys have another little one who is just as cute as Connor! I really wouldn't mind being taken up for babysitting - I am off at 5 every day and my husband is beginning to work more evenings. Feel free to let me know! I need to get out and start meeting people :)

    Thanks for letting me bombard you with music that day! He was hands down the most memorable kid I've seen!

  2. Adam just learned to say Elizabeth. It was phenomenal. He just went for another screen and he still does not qualify for school services. He is talking on target for a child his age. We are so thrilled. Can't believe last year this time he was grunting.

    I am so glad you are having such success with the speech.