Monday, August 25, 2008

naked baby

Last winter Logan went through a long phase where he would take off both shoes and both socks each and every time we got in the car. It didn't matter how long we were in the car or if he was distracted with a toy or anything, his feet were always bare when we would stop and get out. At first it was cute or funny but as time went on it got to be a bit frustrating, especially when we had to stand out in the rain or snow to first find his socks and shoes and then put them back on his feet.

He's stopped doing that now (or at least doesn't do it as often) but has replaced it with another habit: taking off his pants and diaper any time he can. He must have taken off his shorts and diaper at least ten times today! Every time I turned around there was his naked butt running around. Somehow there were no accidents in our house today but I'm not sure how as he spent most of the day diaperless! Connor made him sit on the potty every time he noticed the diaper off and Logan complied but didn't actually do anything. So now the question is, do we push the potty training, put him in overalls every day or resort to duct tape (don't laugh, I googled "2 year old taking off diaper" and got lots of hits, many of them suggesting duct tape!)?

So, I take it all back, I'll take the missing socks and shoes phase any day :)

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