Monday, August 04, 2008

T-ball trophy and dancing bulldozers

Early this afternoon we went to a picnic at a local park for Connor's t-ball team. They played in the park, ran through the water feature (fun spraying jets of water) and ate some yummy food. Best of all? Everyone on the team got a trophy! The coaches said a little something that stood out about each player as they got their trophy and Connor's was all about how enthusaistic he was at each practice and each game and how he was happy playing any position. Yep, that's Connor!

Jeffrey, Hayden, Connor and Michael

Our little monkey playing in the park

Tonight we went to the Boulder County Fair! We got free tickets to the Bulldozer 500 so the four of us went and watched bulldozers dance, skid steers compete on obstacle courses, bulldozers play checkers and diggers play basketball. The boys loved it, of course. Connor also got to go on lots of carnival rides! Logan was too small for the rides but loved looking at the animals! We'll have to go back when some of the larger animals arrive.

Waiting for the Bulldozer 500 to start

Watching the show. All three boys were wearing brown shirts and red hats today - weird! :)

Logan loves chickens! We saw goats, turkeys, pigeons and ducks too!

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  1. Gotta love the fair!
    Your kids are adorable!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady