Tuesday, April 29, 2008

That's disgusting but...good job?

In his constant quest to be a big boy, Connor made his own breakfast this morning. He mixed up a concoction that sounded and looked disgusting to us but he ate it all and loved every bite! In a quart size iced tea jar he mixed together two Sponge Bob gogurts (one pink and one blue), strawberries and...chocolate covered raisins and peanuts. The yogurt and strawberries sound like the beginning of a great smoothie but the chocolate just throws it all off! It had an unappealing neon purple-ish hue to it with big berries and chocolates sprinkled throughout but he ate it up. Why didn't he use a bowl instead of an iced tea container? I have no idea, but he did manage to take the leaves off the strawberries before adding them to the mix. :) It was very....creative? Perhaps tomorrow we'll work more on pouring milk on cereal instead!

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