Sunday, March 02, 2008


GO! Logan said GO! He had his first speech therapy appointment on Friday morning so Miss Jenny came to our home and spent an hour playing with Logan. We both liked her and he had fun but nothing too exciting happened while she was here. When we picked Connor up from preschool, he asked lots of questions about Miss Jenny and what she and Logan had done that morning. Connor was a bit jealous of Miss Jenny's visit and was convinced that she came to visit him when he was a baby too :) Anyway, to help Connor feel involved and to do our homework, we sat down after their naps and played the same balloon game that she had played with Logan earlier. Part of it involves saying "Ready......set......GO!" and then letting go of the filled balloon so it flies around the room. The first ten times he let me say "GO!" just as he'd let Jenny do it too but at some point he figured it out and said it himself! It was very clearly and unmistakably GO and he has continued to say it in other situations! Yay!

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  1. im glad it went well. Go was one of the first words Adam learned from Miss Janet also. Be warned: Now he likes to say poopie to everyone we encounter. You'll be wishing for silence again one day, mark my words.