Sunday, March 02, 2008

Connor's previous life

So Connor has a really active imagination. He's constantly talking about things like what he's going to be and do when he grows up or the latest antics of his imaginary friend "Boy." Today the subject was his family "when he used to be big." During lunch he said he used to have five girls.

Me: What were their names?

Connor: Well the first one was Cara.

Jeremy: What about the others?

Connor: The next one was Cara....sel. Carousel, yeah.

Me (under my breath to Jeremy): I wonder if she got around... (we both laughed)

Jeremy: And the third girl?

Connor: Cara...kee.

Apparently all girls are some form of Cara because #4 was also Cara and #5 was Carawah :)

Just before dinner Connor brought it up again and he told me he also had a son.

Me: Oh? So you had five girls and one boy?

Connor: Yeah, my son was the biggest.

Me: What was his name?

Connor: Chicago. I tried to get him to change it but he liked Chicago and what are you going to do? He was five. Well, actually first he was four and then he turned five.

Hilarious :) I can't wait to hear what he comes up with tomorrow!

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