Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birds and Jeeps

Have I mentioned how much Logan likes birds? It doesn't really matter what kind of bird, but ducks and chickens are high on the list. Every time we pick Connor up from farm school, Logan's mission is to find the birds and get as close to them as possible! He wandered around after them for a good fifteen minutes last week and near the end was frustrated that they could walk faster than him. :)

Today was sunny and beautiful so the boys went on a long Jeep ride...

There's a storage compartment in the front of the Jeep that Connor uses to store a wide variety of objects - sunglasses, snacks, a ball, rocks, basically whatever he thinks will be absolutely necessary to have on his adventure that day. Today he brought a marker, a pencil and a pad of paper. We then had to take breaks from the walk/ride to have art time - he gave each of us a piece of paper and instructed us to draw certain things and then when we were done we put them back in the Jeep's compartment and continued on our journey. Jeremy was told to draw a happy face. I was told that I could only copy what Connor drew and I was not allowed to write words. Hmph, I guess he knows my artistic abilities are very limited! It was really funny :)

During one art break, Logan took Bailey's leash from Daddy and I caught this picture of them

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