Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top 25 inventions of the last 25 years

USA Today is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is marking the occassion with several "top 25" lists. A few weeks ago they listed the top 25 inventions of the last 25 years - 5/6 of my lifetime, 5/7 of Jeremy's - haha. Here they are....

1. Cellphones
2. Laptops
3. Blackberrys
4. Debit cards
5. Caller ID
6. DVDs
7. Lithium rechargeable batteries
8. iPods
9. Pay at the pump
10. Lettuce in a bag
11. Digital cameras
12. Doppler radar
13. Flat-panel TV’s
14. Electronic tolls
15. PowerPoint
16. Microwave popcorn
17. High tech footwear
18. Online stock trading
19. Big Bertha golf clubs
20. Disposable contact lenses
21. StairMaster
22. Tivo
23. Purell
24. Home satellite TV
25. Karaoke

Big Bertha Golf Clubs? They haven't particularly changed my life! And Karaoke? I'm not sure why that made the list! The others make sense - I appreciate cell phones, laptops, debit cards, pay at the pump, lettuce in a bag (I actually appreciate the related prewashed and bagged carrots and apples more), digital cameras and Tivo. Jeremy's life would be very different without disposable, long wear contact lenses. And I'm not sure what middle managers everywhere would do without their blackberrys. :) Wait, they would probably do the same thing just without as much buzzing and beeping...

What's your favorite? What do you think is missing from the list? Were car keyless remotes around more than 25 years ago? That's what I would add to the list - I can't tell you the last time I used a key in a car door!

Be sure to check out their other top 25 lists via the links at the top of the page mentioned above. They include lists of Top TV moments, stocks you should have bought, memorable quotes and books, and 25 highlights and lowlights of the NFL draft. Pretty interesting!

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  1. i thought microwave popcorn was invented in the 1960's