Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fire Station Tour!

We went on a tour of Longmont Fire Station #3 today with a bunch of other families from the Moms of Longmont group. It was so much fun! We got a tour of the firefighters' living area, kitchen and office and then got to hear a test tone to hear what the firefighters hear when they're needed on a call. It actually didn't seem very loud in a room with about 25 kids and 40 adults! Connor was interested to hear about how they work for a full day and have to eat and sleep at the fire station too, but was disappointed that we didn't get to see their beds!

Climbing on the trucks was the best part, of course!

Cute boys on the front of a fire truck!

Listening to the firefighter talk about the trucks and all the equipment...

Firefighter Ethan put on all his bunker gear so the kids could see what he would look like and not be afraid of him if there was ever a fire in their home. They learned how to crouch down in a smoky room and how we shouldn't hide from firefighters - they're there to help us! They also got to touch his equipment while it was on him so they would realize it was still just Ethan in there - not a scary guy even though he had on a mask.

Logan absolutely loved sitting on the front of the fire truck. He spent nearly the whole time there as every time Jeremy tried to move him he would cry until he was sitting on it again!

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