Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shouldn't there be some sort of test?

I don't claim to be a perfect parent but there are some parents in the world that make me think there should be a test required before taking on the responsibility of parenthood. :)

Example 1: There are some wacky parents in New Zealand that are fighting for the right to name their child 4real. No, really. It's 4real. Read about it here. I'm not saying the government should be able to control what they name their child and I certainly wouldn't want to go the way of Denmark who publishes a list of 3000 approved boy and 4000 approved girl names, but come on. 4real? It's just about as bad as "Nevaeh" which is heaven spelled backwards and is the name 5,814 girls were given (ranked 43rd in popularity) in the US in 2006 alone. I guess it's not quite as bad as the 257 girls whose parents can't spell heaven backwards correctly so they ended up with the name Neveah. Hmmm.... As Connor would say, you've GOT to be kidding me! :)

Example 2: I was talking with an acquaintance recently (who hopefully doesn't know about this blog - lol) and she told me that she and her husband know the sex of their unborn child but they are keeping it to themselves. Huh? Ok, I get it that they made the child so if any two people should know it does make sense for it to be them, but what's the point? When I told people we weren't finding out the sex of our babies before the birth, many would be shocked and asked how we could possibly decorate a nursery or buy baby clothes without knowing. And how could they possibly buy a gift for us without knowing? I do see the other side and understand why you would want to know. But why would you want to know and not share? Isn't part of the fun being able to share while you're still well rested? :) They won't get any of those "planning" benefits that other peekers get like decorating the nursery in an over the top girl or boy style or buying cute little onesies with baseballs or bows on them. I guess they only have to think of one name...but they can't share that either unless it's a unisex name. Perhaps it'll be 4real? :) I tried to read her husband's reaction to Connor and Logan dice. Good poker face!


  1. I found out with my oldest two but not the youngest. When we found out number two was another boy we intentionally told no one (other than immediate family) and the reason why was because up to that point we had heard enough of how sad they would be if we didn't have girl yada, yada, yada and we just didn't want to hear it anymore. We figured they would shut up once the baby was here, but most didn't. We had a family from church come in six hours after two's birth and ask if we were trying for a girl. We were livid. We knew we would have a lot of that and at least we avoided it for four months. We loved really not knowing this time. I wish we had done it every time.

  2. I can understand trying to avoid insensitive people because they do seem to have more to say when you're pregnant. Perhaps I should point out that this is their first child? At any rate, I feel for you on the two boys and are you going to try for a girl question - it is my biggest pet peeve right now. I'm betting even though you've had a girl now those same people are still wondering if you'll try for another so she won't be the only girl :) "They" are never satisfied...