Sunday, January 11, 2009


Wow I haven't posted at all this year. Let's see here...

New Year's was fun. I'm sure there are some pictures lurking on the camera but I obviously haven't downloaded them yet! We went to the Denver Zoo and had fun counting down to 2009 at 9 pm! Connor yelled "Happy 2009!" and "Happy New Year!" and "Happy 2009 Baby Jesus!" (yeah, I don't know why either) the whole way to the car. We rode the carousel and the train and looked at all the beautiful lights...

Other than that the last few weeks have been pretty boring which is why I haven't felt the need to post! For some reason I don't think you'll be excited to read about us cleaning out the garage or how I rearranged my closet. :)

Oh maybe you would like to know that Connor started swim classes again! He's at the Dolphin level but it's a combined Dolphin/Whale class (Whale is higher) so there are two boy dolphins and two girl whales taught by the same teacher at the same time. Connor jumped off the diving board for the first time on Saturday and though he said he was a little scared he also thought it was lots of fun!

We usually have movie night with Connor on Saturday nights. We put Logan to bed and then watch some G rated movie like Wall E or Cars or The Sound of Music. Last night, though, we rented E.T. It's rated PG and neither Jeremy nor I could remember much beyond the name, Drew Barrymore and Reese's Pieces so we thought it would be fun to watch. Do any of you remember the "astronaut" scene? E.T. is dying and men in space suits come into Elliot's home in suits like they're going on a space walk with their arms outstretched like zombies. They come though the windows and doors and in a line down the street invading their home to get to E.T. Well, he didn't seem very scared at the time but that scene really bothered Connor! So much so that he slept with us until about 5 am when Jeremy was able to move him back to his own bed. We never want to see him scared, of course, but it was nice to be needed and to snuggle with him for a night :) Though that also meant that I didn't sleep very well since I was sharing my pillow with him but that's ok once in a while. What's funny is that even though he was terrified of it last night he woke up this morning so excited to tell Logan all about it and especially focused on how cool the astronauts were. Weird!

While Jeremy was off the last couple weeks of the year we worked on potty training with Logan. Yeah, it basically went nowhere. He sits on the potty long enough to make us think he's getting it so we'll give him a treat but he's really just in it for the sugar at this point. He's totally the baby of the family - doesn't want to grow up too fast and is content having us change his diaper. When he has a dirty diaper we ask him, "where are you supposed to go potty?" He replies, "In the potty." "Are you going to go to the potty next time?" "No. Change diaper, Mommy." Ok, so you're not ready yet. Fine. :)

Oh we registered Connor for Kindergarten! I guess that's blog-worthy. We actually registered him at 3 schools (all public through our school district) since two have a lottery system and we want to be sure we get AM kindergarten. Ideally we'd like to just stick with our neighborhood school but we're keeping our options open :)

Connor has been begging to try lobster for weeks now so, since his parents don't actually like lobster (I know, what's wrong with us?), we encouraged him to try it with Grandma Sue and Papa since they can actually say "yum" while eating it and mean it :) He'll get his first taste this week! Hopefully he'll like it but not enough to request it often...haha!

I typed a lot considering I didn't think I had much to tell you all about! Off to bed I go...

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  1. Happy 2009 Baby Jesus! That cracked me up.

    ... also, THAT scene from E.T. is the reason I STILL CAN'T WATCH IT!! Ha. Probably not something I should admit, seeing as I am 23, but it's realllllllllly horrifying and has stuck with me for years. I'm sure he will handle it much better than I did! :)