Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok it's official. I'm getting older and falling apart. First to go was the short term memory. Second (wait, what was first again? haha), was my eyesight. My vision has been great my whole life. So great that I haven't gotten regular eye exams. I know, not a good idea. But last year sometime (ok, June I think) I had my annual exam with my regular doctor and for the first time in years I had to do the whole eye chart thing. I don't know why it had been years. I mean, I've had annual physicals with this same doctor for a few years now and this is the first time she asked me to do this. So I covered my left eye and she asked me to read the last line. No problem, right? I've always been able to read it in the past. that a C or a G? Or an O? Blink, blink. No wait, maybe a T? :) Ok, that wasn't working. Next line up? No problem. Clear as day. So then I covered my right eye. Last line? Not a chance. Next line up? I could remember what I'd just read using my right eye but that wouldn't be right...I couldn't see the letters! The next line up? Clear enough to make out but still blurry. So, not surprisingly, she recommended I get a real eye exam. Wow, I didn't really feel like my vision was deteriorating but apparently it was...

So, for absolutely no reason other than denial, I put off getting an eye exam until today. For the last few months Jeremy has been hounding me to get an eye exam and finally he just went and made an appointment for me and told me where to go and when to show up. Yeah, he loves me. Plus I have a feeling he worries about me occasionally driving the boys around at dusk :)

And, you guessed it, I need glasses. Glasses! Me! It can't be and yet it is. As expected, my left eye is worse than my right. Despite knowing that I hadn't had an eye exam for a while and was nervous about the results, the best the eye doctor could come up with was "well, at least your vision isn't so bad I have to tell you it's illegal for you drive home." Yay. Comforting...

An hour and a half later I had forked over a bunch of money and placed my order for a lovely pair of glasses. The next seven to ten business days will be the last glasses-free days of my life.

I know, I'm making it sound like I'm really upset about it but it's not all that bad of course :) It was amazing to have the right lenses in and look at the signs across the room - the letters were so incredibly crisp! And it was fun trying on different frames. I joked with one of the ladies that one of Jeremy's coworkers recently posted five pictures of himself on Facebook so his friends could vote on which frames looked best on him and it turns out we went to the same eye doctor - she knew just who I was talking about! :)

So in seven to ten business days I'll be seeing the computer screen, tv, street signs, even you a little better! Hooray!

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  1. Hi there!

    Sorry to bog down this post with some Lost insight, (there was no email info to contact you)....but I have to tell you your theory (on RocksinmyDryer) about Ellie and Whidmore might be RIGHT ON! I am going to have to mention it, but would love to link to your blog as it was your theory. LMK if that is! Good call