Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Five years ago today our lives changed forever when Connor finally arrived! I could reminisce about the hours and hours of labor but I've posted about that before and prefer to remember the good times - haha!

So, like last year, I'll do a birthday post!

Five years.
1827 days.
43,848 hours.
2,630,880 minutes.
157,852,800 seconds.

Wow he's old. :)

Actually, reading back through last year's post, not much has really changed! Connor is still incredibly active and as outgoing as can be. This week he wishes a Merry Christmas to anyone we pass in the store or at school which is super cute but you'd be surprised at the strange looks he gets! If I had to predict what he'll be when he grows up it would be something people oriented and I wouldn't be surprised if it's something entertaining - stand up comedian, actor, stunt double?! You know, his acting experience playing a house will be the first entry on his resume! He still loves to ride his bike and drive his Jeep, especially with Logan by his side. He has learned more in school, of course, and still amazes us with his clear memory of things that happened when he was really little. His favorite foods haven't changed much - waffles, pizza, chicken nuggets, fruit of any kind, spaghetti, yogurt. He's more independent every day and loves to help with cooking as much as we'll let him. He looks forward to movie night every Saturday night and currently loves any Christmas movie we'll let him watch - Home Alone, The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc. He loves Logan so much and is very protective of him. I don't think he quite understands how much Logan looks up to him or why Logan copies absolutely everything he does but when Logan cries he's the first one to rush to his side (while screaming "Emergency!" and making high pitched siren noises!). :) He's still holding on to his afternoon nap though he skips them a bit more often now. So many people who are special to him have moved away this year - neighbors Quin and Darwin, best friend Rhyann, Grandma Willy and Grandpa Mark - but he's taken in it all in stride and is so incredibly positive about everything! He is definitely a "glass half-full" type! He played organized sports for the first time this year - t-ball and soccer - and was described as the most enthusiastic and positive player by each of his coaches when they were handing out awards. He liked both sports but when we ask him if wants to do either of them again he asks what other sport he gets to try next - hockey, football, basketball, karate? He wants to try them all!

Kindergarten will be the big thing this year, of course, but I wonder in what other ways he might change. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

I still haven't had time to compile the predictions our friends and family made at his first birthday party but will try to do that soon! Tomorrow I'll post the prediction sheet for when he turns 10 so that you can contribute your guesses if you want :)

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  1. 2,630,880 minutes. Geez.....when it you put it like that, you make motherhood sound so relaxing. :) Happy big 5 to Connor...I remember when he was tiny. :) PS were you at Target this afternoon? I swear I saw you out of the corner of my eye, but if it was you, you have totally changed your hair. If it was you, it looks great by the way. If it wasn't you, then I need to see you more so I remember what you look like. :)