Monday, April 16, 2007

I love Southwest Airlines!!!

So in the post below I told you about our travel problems on the way to Las Vegas - we were supposed to take off at 10:45 but had engine troubles and didn't end up leaving until almost 4. Sitting on the first plane for two hours while they investigated the problem was no fun, and neither was sitting in the second plane for an hour while we were de-iced and one lonely baggage handler loaded our luggage. People were upset, especially those that missed their connections in Las Vegas, but I thought the airline handled it pretty well. And like one of our fellow travelers said while we were waiting for the second plane, it's better to have engine trouble on the ground than in the air! Anyway, as we landed in Las Vegas the crew said they hoped our experience wouldn't turn us off from flying Southwest again. The important part was we made it to and from Las Vegas safe and sound and I hadn't really thought about the delay anymore. Until today...

In our mailbox today was a letter from the President of Southwest apologizing for how we "waited and waited and waited some more" (his words) and it included three vouchers for $125 each!!! Our three original tickets cost a little more than $400 so we were basically refunded our money minus taxes. It was a really nice gesture and totally unexpected!

I also didn't tell you about our portable DVD player. We accidentally left it on the plane when we got off in Denver and by the time we realized it the plane had already taken off for Chicago. With a bit of calling around we discovered that it hadn't gotten off the plane in Chicago so our last chance of finding it was when the plane landed in Detroit. Jeremy spoke to a really nice Southwest baggage person in Detroit and she personally went to the plane to look for it. She didn't find it, but the cleaning crew there found it a short time later. Amazing! We thought for sure it would have been taken by another passenger but it's on its way back to us now after an extended vacation in Detroit (perhaps it dreams of being a car someday?)!

So Southwest has treated us well and we'll definitely travel with them again! Especially before April 2008 when these vouchers expire :) haha! Now...where to go?

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