Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Oh, I'm such a bad mom...

Connor, looking at a container of chocolate milk: Mommy, milk comes from cows.

Me: Yes, it does! What color are the cows?

Connor: Brown.

Me: Of course, it's chocolate milk! What color cows make regular milk?

Connor: Hmm...white?

Me: Probably...

Connor: And Coke colored cows make Coke.

Me, now feeling a little remorse about misleading him: Cows don't make Coke, sweetie.

Connor: Uh-huh. Apple colored cows make apple juice too.

Me: Ok...

Yep, just as my Dad had me believing a watermelon was going to grow in my tummy if I swallowed a black seed, my son is going to be scanning the roadsides for coke and apple colored cows :) And how do you tell the difference between the brown cows that make chocolate milk and the brown cows that make Coke, anyway? Maybe one has a bubbly personality.... haha

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  1. That's awesome! I love the creativity of children. It's so much fun interacting with their thought processes and finding their infallible youthful logic that can't be argued with adult logic.