Monday, June 15, 2009


No posts lately because I have no time and nothing to say anyway.

Furloughs. 'nuff said.

However, Ben and the boys are visiting this week so we're BUSY and my house is overrun with BOYS. Bailey and I are sticking together :)

Here's a fun little riddle for you...

I dropped Logan off at his two morning per week "summer camp" this morning and these were the names of the other children in his class:

Jaana (pronounced Yawn-a, in case you're curious)

Including Logan, how many girls and how many boys were in his class? Answer tomorrow, if I remember to blog :)


  1. Hmmm... I'm guessing Reece & Lachlan are boys, Elliott & Jaana are girls? I have no idea... :) What kind of class is he in?

  2. Logan and Lachlan are boys; Jaana, Reece, and Elliott are girls.

    If, in fact, Elliott is a girl, that makes me sad. It's one of my favorite male names, and it kills me that people are using it, with some regularity, on girls.


  3. I could see Elliott and Lachlan switched up from my previous guess. I still think that it's two boys and three girls, either way.


  4. Well? What's the answer? Who's who in summer camp '09?