Monday, February 23, 2009

Connor is Special!

Each of the kids in Connor's Pre-K class has been assigned a day where they get to share all about themselves, bring in pictures of their family, etc. Connor's day is tomorrow so in preparation for it we had to fill out a little booklet of information about him. He wrote the shorter answers and told me what to write for the longer ones. Here are his answers:

My name is Connor! I am 5 years old. My birthday is 12/9/03. I will be 6 years old. To celebrate my birthday, I would like to have a party at the gymnastics place. I want balloons and a pirate cake with a real treasure box and rainbow sprinkles.

My favorite color is PURPLE. (with a backwards E - so cute!)
My favorite games are gymnastics, t-ball, soccer and freeze tag.
My eyes are brown.
My hair is blonde.

My Family

There are 5 people in my family. They are Connor, Daddy, Mommy, Logan and our dog Bailey.

Some things we do together are ride bikes, go for walks with Bailey, eat at Red Robin, go shopping, go to Grandma and Papa's.

We like to go to the YMCA.

One of my favorite vacations was when we went on an airplane to Las Vegas.

This is a picture I drew of my family. [He drew himself, Logan, Jeremy and I pretty well but Bailey looks a bit like an octopus! haha]


I am in Pre-K. My favorite thing to do in school is play with blocks and legos.

When I'm outside I like to swing only when someone else is done.

This is a picture that I drew of me at school. [He drew a fairly good picture of himself but he only has three fingers on each hand]

At Home

My favorite thing to do at home is watch A Bug's Life, play with my brother Logan in the playroom and jump on the trampoline.

This is me when I was a baby. Look how I've grown! [He glued in a baby picture and a picture from last fall where he's laying in the leaves]

More About Me

My favorite toy is my Leapster Wall-E Game.
I like to touch my two Hankys and my pillow because it's warm. [The Hankys are tiny baby blankets with soft horse heads attached - we bought one as a backup and he's switched back and forth between them forever. He just recently realized that there are actually TWO!]
I like to taste pancakes, waffles, donuts and spaghetti.
I like to hear trumpets, drums, bass, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and Christmas music.

It makes me happy when I snuggle with Hanky, getting presents from Santa Claus and his elves, Rudolph, my friend Rhyann, when Logan gives me nice hugs and plays Spiderman.

I am really good at t-ball, baseball, not spilling my orange juice, giving Logan hugs when he's sad and riding my bike.

It makes me sad when Logan hurts me, when my friends hurt me and when someone says they don't want me to be their friend.

When I grow up, I want to be EVERYTHING - a trash truck guy but on Fridays I'll be a train master and I'll hit the rails to go to a store to work and then I'll be a fireman and THEN, when I'm 17, I'll go to astronaut school and I'll go in space and find Earth. I'm going to marry Rhyann and she will have 1000 babies. We will live in a purple house. Rhyann will watch the kids and I will build a school. That's it. The End.

Hysterical. :) I wrote the last part exactly as it was dictated to me except that he asked me to draw a line for the number of babies he and Rhyann are going to have so that he could write the number. He very purposefully wrote 1000 :)

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