Saturday, February 02, 2008

potty talk

If this post doesn't epitomize the #1 clichéd Mommy blog post, I don't know what does! :)

We bought a stand alone potty for Logan today. Actually, the box says in big bold letters that it's a "3-in-1 Toilet Training System" and below that in slightly smaller font says "supports you & your child at every stage of training". That makes it sound like much more than what it is - basically a big plastic bowl! I guess it's 3-in-1 because it's a standalone potty or you can take it apart and use one part on top of the adult size toilet and the other part as a step stool for hand washing. I'm not quite sure how it supports me at every stage of training but hopefully it'll help Logan out a bit. :)

Anyway, we bought it today not because we necessarily think Logan is ready for potty training - after all, they say you should wait until the kid can say when they need to go and since he's not saying Mama or Dada yet he's clearly not meeting that criteria. However, Connor showed interest and started sitting on the potty around this age and we thought it really helped us all gently ease into the idea of potty training. He only sat on it right before his bath and eventually figured out what to do with it, became more consistent over time and used it at other times of the day and then, voila, he was potty trained (wow that made it sound so fast and easy). So we figured we'd get Logan into the same habit and since we passed by that aisle at Target today we picked one up (I could go into why we didn't save the one we used with Connor but this post is probably more information that you wanted already).

So when we got home Connor was really excited about the potty. He asked if we were going to wrap it up and give it to Logan as a gift, since that's what the parents do in a potty book we used to read. But, we just opened the box and Logan sat down on it immediately, fully clothed. At bath time Jeremy took it and the boys upstairs and had both boys sit on their potties at the same time (aww, how cute). Guess what? Logan actually peed in it! Can you believe it? I'm sure it was just a fluke but we were totally not expecting it! In fact, Jeremy was picking Logan up to put him in the bath when he actually started to go and had to sit him back down quickly! Connor was really cute during the whole thing - telling Logan what to do and then he got really excited when he actually did it!

I guess we'll see how it goes! Now, where did those potty books disappear to? :)

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