Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue Mountain Elementary's mascot and colors

I'm sick. Ugh. We actually made it something like three weeks without any sickness in our house but that streak was broken by me. Luckily Jeremy had today off for President's Day so he kept the boys away from my germs as much as possible :)

Anyway, I wanted to post that Blue Mountain Elementary has a mascot and colors now! I went to the meeting on Saturday the 9th where the group narrowed it down to two mascots and two color combinations:

Blue Mountain Lynx
Blue Mountain Bison


Maroon, Navy Blue and Silver
Brown, Blue and White

The kids at Eagle Crest (half of whom will attend Blue Mountain next year) voted last Friday and they chose....

Blue Mountain Lynx and Maroon, Navy Blue and Silver!!!

These were my favorites too so that's exciting :) It was fun to participate in the selection process! Now we just have to decide if Connor will go there for preschool next year...


  1. I am sick, too. So many people that I have talked to in the Blogosphere today are sick. :-(

  2. HI NIKKI!!! I was there too! Hope to see you & your little boys at school in the next couple of years! :)