Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boy stuff

Just sharing some fun pictures from the last few days...

The Gomez Family (minus Heather) came over for a quick dinner on Tuesday and the boys played at the park. The estrogen was in short supply with 2 dads, 5 boys (age 4 and under) and me! Here are Keegan, Avery and Connor under the play structure...

Logan enjoyed some spaghetti for lunch on Wednesday

The weather has been so nice the last couple days that we can't help but spend lots of time outside!

Teaching lil bro how to say "High Five!"

Logan has been crawling into the Jeep while it sits in the garage lately so we finally decided to give him a ride in it. He LOVED it so much - he had perma-grin! :) Connor was very protective and was trying to be as gentle as possible when starting and stopping. He explained everything to Logan including how the radio works, not to touch the gear shift and that he had to wear his seatbelt. Connor is an expert driver now and can follow the sidewalk all the way around the park, though he loves going off road too. Every so often the Jeep says "I'm a Jeep Kid!" and Connor imitates it each time :) They were adorable!

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