Friday, May 11, 2007

Student of the Week

Wow I've been neglecting the blog a lot lately - and the camera too! Connor was the student of the week at school this week which means there was a bulletin board full of pictures of him up all week for the kids to see and he got to bring in two books from home to read at circle time. He chose Curious George and the Firefighters and Dancing Dinos. Here is the bulletin board!

He told his teacher his favorite food was macaroni and cheese?! I would have guessed pizza. And his favorite pet is lions? Must be leftover from the Mirage in Vegas. And playing with doctors is obviously from his recent surgery. Wanting to be a firefighter when he grows up is not surprising at all - he says that every single time you ask him what he wants to be! I'm shocked that he didn't say his favorite color is pink!

Thursday was Connor's last theater class and they put on their final play entitled "Everybody Gets Lost." Connor played Batman and then there was a girl playing a ballerina, a girl playing a singing rabbit, a boy who played a fairy, a boy who was a pirate, and a girl who played Snow White. The story involved the girls waking up and practicing for a performance, then trying to find the castle where they were to perform at which point they get lost and Batman swoops in. At first the girls are scared of him and he chases them around but then he points them in the right direction (saving the day) and they all go to the castle to watch the ballerina and singing rabbit perform and then eat a huge meal and fall asleep. Connor couldn't decide if he wanted to be a good guy or a bad guy so the teacher let him scare the girls and then save them. :) She also painted their faces before the performance and guess what color Connor wanted his bat to be? Yep, pink! :) He had a lot of fun, though, and everyone enjoyed the cast party afterwards complete with chocolate cake! By the way, chocolate cake crumbs and pink face paint don't really mix :)

Logan and I got to go to a Mother's Day party at Connor's school today! The kids sang songs and then we had a snack and the moms got presents. Mine was a framed picture of Connor and I that he had decorated with foam cutouts. My favorite song was skinnamarink and it's accompanying hand motions -

Skinnamarinkydinkydink. Skinnamarinkydoo. I Love You!
I love you in the morning and in the afternoon.
I love you in the evening, underneath the moon.
Skinnamarinkydinkydink. Skinnamarinkydoo. I Love You!

It was really cute!

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