Saturday, November 06, 2010

Our crazy lives

Connor started first grade this year and we had heard that this transition could be difficult - more time spent learning and doing it all day 5 days a week. And it was true, of course, the first few weeks Connor came home and zoned out. He would just sit and stare at the wall he was so tired! So we didn't want him to be involved in too many activities outside school so his body and brain could adjust to this new level of work. We signed up for Cub Scouts which only meets 2, maybe 3, times a month so it seemed doable. He adjusted to the demands of first grade and in October we decided to add a gymnastics class - Trampoline and Tumbling - once a week. Connor is a really active, physical guy so it was a good way to get out some of the extra wiggles. Great.

Well then somehow we heard that the Longmont Theatre Company was going to put on A Christmas Story and that they needed boys to audition for several roles. Connor has always loved acting and, since it's a real community theater and he is just 6 years old, we figured the audition would be a good experience for him but that he'd never actually get a part. We had to put together a resume (did I mention he's 6?! ha!) and head shot. Then we went in for the audition. There were LOTS of kids and parents there. Connor was paired up with a second grade girl, Zoe, and given a short scene to read with her. He and I read through it once together, then he practiced with Zoe twice and it was time to read for the director. Once again, did I mentioned he's SIX?? :) He's right at first grade level for reading, still sounding lots of words out, etc so he's not exactly a fast, proficient reader and reading through something just 3 times before performing it seems crazy! He and Zoe had their turn with the director and unfortunately were far enough away from the parents that we couldn't hear what they were saying. I did see Connor point to Zoe's script when it appeared she lost her place. Funny! So they finished reading for him and talked to him for just a minute and we were done, sent on our way and they said they'd call to let us know if any callbacks were necessary - don't call us, we'll call you. :)

We went on about our lives. The very next day, though, the phone rang. You guessed it, he got a part!!! He was cast as Randy, Ralphie's little brother! In case you don't remember the movie (shame on you!), Randy is the little boy who doesn't want to eat anything - his mom struggles to get him to eat by calling him her little piggy and he oinks. Then every time they walk to school Randy is so bundled up that he can't put his arms down and always has to "go wee-wee." He likes to hide behind the couch and under the sink.

Anyway, we were shocked! Performing in this show would mean rehearsals FOUR times a week - a total of about 13 HOURS EACH WEEK! And NINE performances! NINE! I'm not sure what we were thinking, aside from the fact that Connor was SUPER excited and that he loves acting, but we agreed to it.

So our lives have been nothing short of crazy since then - school, rehearsals, Cub Scouts, gymnastics, oh and some eating, sleeping and playing in there somewhere. Did I mention Logan is playing soccer which means practice once a week and a game every Saturday? And that he changed preschools in October? And that I'm co-room mom for Connor's class so I helped plan the Halloween party and collect money to pay for the 2 class parties and teacher gifts? And that I still work "part-time"?? ACK! ;)

Crazy, yes, but also lots of fun :)

Would you like to see Connor perform in A Christmas Story in December? Opening night is his 7th birthday! You can order tickets online here.

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