Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook killed my blog posting mojo

Yep, Facebook killed my desire to compose blog entries. It's just so much faster to post a picture and a one line explanation of what I'm doing at any moment of the day.

So, if you're not already Facebook friends with me, WHY NOT? Everyone is doing it. You know you want to. :) Here's my profile. Joining is free. Yes, I should update the blog. It's a goal but it's far down on the list. So while you're waiting for me to find some blogging mojo, you can find me on Facebook. :) Just remember that if you choose not to be my Facebook friend you're missing little gems like this:

Nikki Marchman Dean Logan: Mommy, you're a queen! Me: Aww, thanks Logan. Logan: And I'm King Soopers! :)
August 19 at 8:59am

See? Pure awesomeness that you can't live without. :)

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