Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just a few things I don't want to forget to record somewhere...

Last night we went to Santa's Workshop here in Longmont and as we were walking through the frigid weather to get back to our car Logan said "I'm HUNGRY!" I knew we were on our way home to eat dinner so I just said "Oh?" He said "Yeah, I'm hungry for CHOCOLATE!"

We love the new Disney Christmas special that was on ABC last week (and will be on again soon - the 16th I think?) called Prep & Landing. Connor and I have picked up the funny phrases the elves use on there - "This is so TINSEL!" when something is great and "Oh Frostbite!" when something is bad :)

Speaking of frostbite, it has been so incredibly cold this last week or so but that, of course, doesn't keep the boys from wanting to play outside. As I was trying to explain why we couldn't go out to the school bus stop 20 minutes before it was scheduled to be there, I told Connor that we didn't want to get frostbite. When we did finally go out there, he took his gloves off and said "Mom! I don't have any frost bites yet!" Haha! He thought frost bites were like mosquito bites :) Appropriately, the high temperature in Longmont on Wednesday (Connor's birthday) was 6 degrees. The temp matched his age! The low was -17...brrrrrr!

I shoveled our driveway one afternoon after picking Logan up from preschool and he "helped" for a bit but then got cold. I told him he could go in the house and take off his coat, boots, gloves, hat, etc and that I'd be in in just a minute. He went in and moments later opened the door (with only the coat and gloves off) and yelled out to me "I was hungry so I got my own snack. You took too long!" :) Luckily it was just graham crackers and kix cereal!

It just occurred to me that two of these are about Logan saying how hungry he is - we really do feed the kid! He also likes to announce when he's sleepy and will go and lay down in his bed by himself, surrounded by his many stuffed animals and with his thumb in his mouth. :)

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