Friday, July 10, 2009

Dean Boys!

Jeremy's brother Ben and their boys Christopher and Jonathan visited us in June. Sadly Naomi had to go back to work before continuing on to the Colorado part of their vacation but we were glad to have at least the boys! With the two adult boys and the four little ones in this house, though, Bailey and I had to stick together :)


It was a VERY busy week with the three oldest boys going to VBS for five nights and Christopher and Connor going to Lego camp five mornings! It seemed like we were constantly on the go but with that many boys under 6 it probably would have felt that way no matter what our plans were :) Here are some pictures from the slower times...

Riding in Connor's jeep

Running in the sprinklers and playing in the backyard (Connor and Christopher)Photobucket

Logan and Connor in a slide at a local park (the park has a water feature which is why their shirts are off!)

Connor at the top of the rope climbing structure at the same park

Just before eating dinner one night
Photobucket Photobucket

We also went to Rocky Mountain National Park and a Rockies game but I'll drag this whole story out and make you wait for the pictures :)

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