Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's so wrong with the color pink??

We went to the Grand Opening of 29th Street today, a new outdoor shopping area in Boulder where Crossroads Mall used to be. We went to a free children's concert at Playfair Toys where our favorite music teacher, Madelyn Clair, sang fun songs with the kids and let them play with finger puppets and egg shakers. Connor had a blast and Madelyn couldn't believe how big he is and that he has a little brother now!

We had a pretty good (and most importantly, free!) lunch at Islands and then walked around the shops. Connor danced to the music and watched a science show where he learned a bit about gravity and centrifugal force and the awful noise that occurs when a mic gets too close a speaker. :) Next was on to the balloon guy who was making balloons in any shape the kids asked for. It was finally our turn and Connor asked for a flower. The balloon guy looked at me to see if that was ok and I asked Connor what color he wanted. Connor screamed "PINK!" The balloon guy's jaw dropped and he said "I've been doing this for eight years and I've never had a little boy ask for pink. Ever. Not once." I didn't respond, just told Connor to watch what the guy was doing with the balloons. I could tell that the guy wasn't done talking about it though. He asked if we were from Boulder and he was surprised when I said that we live in Longmont. He said "Oh, well if you lived in Boulder that would've explained it." Ok, stop the train! First, why is it wrong for Connor to like pink flowers? Second, do all boys raised in Boulder like pink flowers? :) Why is pink a color just for girls? Why is it ok for girls to like blue? Isn't that a boy color? Are there any colors that girls aren't allowed to like? ARGH! Why do we have to be so closed minded? Just because he likes pink does not mean he's gay, people. And did I mention he likes to cook and clean? ;) Is it wrong for him to be sensitive and caring too? We must be bad parents, huh? Guess we'll have to learn the "no crying, no feelings, no sharing, no pink for boys" parenting style - NOT! I like that Connor has been exposed to and enjoys more than just trucks and dirt. He likes to sing, dance, paint, color, run, jump, and laugh. What's wrong with that?

Next we went to the face painter. The girls in front of Connor got rainbows painted on their faces so what did Connor want? Yep, a rainbow. are some pictures of our BOY with his PINK FLOWERS and a RAINBOW painted on his face. Got a problem with it? :)


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